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Kayak Instructor

Kayak Instructor jobs are available at inland watersports centres or sea kayak centres all over the UK. Watersports and activity holiday companies also employ kayak instructors abroad. Most full time kayak jobs are seasonal from march/April to September/October. Part time Kayaking Instructors are also required by UK centres that run courses at weekends, evenings or school holidays.

To work as a Kayak Instructor you will need to have a BCU (British canoe Union) qualification. BCU qualifications are modular in design and involve two elements:- a Generic Coaching Module and an Applied Coaching Module that is discipline specific. For example the Level 3 White Water Kayak Applied Coach Module course covers the skills and techniques needed to lead and coach others on up to grade 2+ water. The course explores teaching techniques appropriate to moderate whitewater and the fundamentals of grade 2 whitewater trips. If you want to take this award you need to have:

Minimum age - 18 yrs
4 Star White Water Kayak Test
Level 3 Generic Coach Module
Current First Aid Qualification (min. 8hrs)

For further information on kayak coaching qualifications visit the BCU Awarding website. BCU Awarding is an awarding body recognised and regulated by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).

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